In the summer of 2012 we flew from Amsterdam to Tel-Aviv to meet
  young Israelis and Palestinians and film their stories. We made contact
  with youngsters in Modi'in, Israel and Ni'lin, Palestine. Two villages
  only a few miles apart, seperated by the wall.

  The project was one of our last school projects and made without
  any commercial means. Additional footage and music were used,
  and are included in the credits. We tried to contact all owners,
  however, if there are any problems please contact us at the adress

  Duration: 27 minutes
  Subtitles: English
  Here you can see an interactive map with the places we visited 
  during our project in Israel and Palestine. Click here for a larger
  version of the map.

  Hi Sebastiaan,
  Thanks for the video, but this is   normalization man! I like the structure but
  disagree with the policy of this documentary!   And I can not support being part of a    normalization stuff. I am so sorry but   these issues are very tense here!
  People here in Palestine they won't agree   with it. Let me explain it better please:

  The video is very strong, but the most 
  important thing in documentaries is not only 
  the content, such as stories and so on, 
  most of the stories can break hearts of milions   of people, but the most  important thing is the   message behind it.


  So in your documentary, you make the person understand that two   equal sides fight because of religious differences and what   possibilities  can be to bring them together! At least that is what I
  felt when I saw it! And this is considered as normalization, or lets
  say, a way of normalizing.

  Do you know the history of the conflict? It is never about two equal   sides. It is about an occupier and an occupied! That's how everyone   who watch the video should feel!

  I totally respect you Sebastian and all your work. And I know your   feelings that's why I wanna help you and support you as well!

  These are part of my feelings, I might be wrong or correct, but I  am   very happy if you could correct me if I am wrong in my feelings.   Because I am not a perfect human, so I could be wrong.

  Thank you very much,

  The following material is available online

  - You can watch the trailer on vimeo 
  - Outtakes are available here
  - Article in local newspaper & Movie W
  - Scroll or click here for photo's of our trip